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Understand REAL beauty, how to obtain it and how to maintain it. Discover how to apply simple changes in your life that lead to lasting beauty from the inside to the outside. Learn how to nourish y

Is Soup The New Juice? star
With summer being so hot, cold soups, believe it or not, are a nice refreshing way to cool off the body. As a matter of fact, soups are a great way to eat less and have a complete meal at the same time. Learn more ...

6 Awesome Healing Herbs for Ethnic Beauty Health star
Healing herbs for Ethnic Beauty and health. There are several herbs that have been traditionally used for ethnic beauty and health. Some of these herbs are well known, while others may be less familiar.

A New Outlook On Your Health? Gut Friendly Choices star
Ethnic Beauties, it's time to get serious about what you eat. This has led to the rise of gut-friendly recipes that not only taste great but also provide numerous health benefits.

Are Minerals The New Nutrients? star
We always hear about vitamins, yet minerals have their role in the health and wellness of our body. Here are a few Minerals to consider adding to your regimen of nutrient intake.

Are Summer Melons Great For Ethnic Skin? star
Summer melons are a great choice for those with ethnic skin. The high water content in the fruit helps to moisturize and hydrate the skin, leaving it glowing and refreshed.

Are You a Green Goddess Ethnic Beauty? star
It’s often a challenge to keep your body warm in colder months and when your body temperature drops, your circulation drops. Learn about some of the herbs that help you stay warm internally in cooler temps.

Are You Going Nuts for Great Health? star
Nuts play an important role in your nutrition and caring for your skin. Find out the benefits of nuts and the beauty of what they offer to your body as a whole.

Are You Starting an Herbal Garden? Awesome! star
Start an herbal garden? If I had my rather, I'd rather not. Then like many of you I found myself in the middle of COVID 19. Everything coming out about living through this virus was pointing to keeping your immune system healthy.

Autumn Has Arrived, Is It Time To Detox Your Body? star
Autumn has arrived, bringing with it an abundance of pumpkins, apples, and cozy sweaters. But did you know that this season is also a great time to detox your body?

Beautiful Skin From Within star
You hear it all the time … You are what you eat! While my stomach enjoyed the dark chocolate, my skin didn't like it at all. Get tips and techniques to care for your skin. Make healthy choices from mother natures medicine cabinet.

Beauty From Within, Caring for The Skin You’re In star
While topical products will work wonders when it comes to caring for your skin, it's the foods that you eat that will give you the greatest results.

Beauty from Within, Tips for Ethnic Beauties star
Radiant ethnic beauties? Why not? In the pursuit of beauty, it’s essential to focus not only on external products and treatments but also on the underlying principle of holistic wellnes

Botanicals That Help Maturing Ethnic Beauties star
Its inevitable that your bodies will mature as you go through life. In order for you to feel and look your best for a longer period of time, it's important to practice healthy dietary and sleep habits. Find out how Botanicals can help your skin and your health.

Building Your Immune System, One Recipe at at Time star
Your immune system is your most precious asset. It is why you walk in health everyday. So why is it such a puzzle?

Can Bell Peppers Help Beautify Ethnic Skin? star
Let's talk Ethnic Beauty and nutrition. Do bell peppers offer any benefits for your skin? The answer might surprise you!

Can Ethnic Beauties Benefit From Eating Mango? star
Eating mango is beneficial to ethnic beauties. Why? Because it offers a wealth of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that can help protect skin from environmental damage and premature aging.

Can Super Foods Offer Beauty From the Inside Out? star
Super foods. How will the impact they health of your skin? You are what you eat and your skin tells the story.

Changing The Way You Eat Can Save Your Life star
Can changing the way you eat save your life? Is this a rhetorical question? Of course it can. The question becomes, how do you change old habits with food and replace good ones?

Cleansing Ethnic Skin From The Inside Out star
Your internal health is where your beauty actually begins.Without proper nutrition and the ability to move sludge through your system every once in a while, your skin will be challenged. Learn more about cleansing your skin holistically from the inside out.

Dairy, Does it Do A Body Good? star
Are you having challenges when eating dairy products? Here are a few reasons you might want to minimize or eliminate dairy from your nutritional plan.

Detoxing, A Different Approach star
Want to have clear the skin,detox your body and purge vital organs. Read on to see how...

Do Apples and Cinnamon Make Great Cider? star
Falls Here, Are Your Ready For Its Most Popular Beverage? Cider is a popular beverage made from fermented apples, often served during the fall season. While there are many variations of cider, one classic combination stands out - apples and cinnamon.

Eat the Stress Away, Ethnic Beauties! star
We've opted into or been thrust into schedules that have us eating on the run. Coffee, pastry, burgers, fries ... we even gulp our salads. This causes stress on you and your body. So what's a girl to do? Here are a few suggestions.

Eating Your Way To Beautiful Skin! star
The health and beauty of your skin is not always found in a bottle or jar. What you eat plays an extremely important role in the beauty of your skin. Here are a few tips for eating your way to beautiful skin.

Elderberry for Health and Wellness star
Health and wellness has become the mantra of the day and elderberry is a flower that's being used when helping you achieve that goal. Learn more about the elderberry bush.

Ethnic Beauties and Weight Loss star
At the end of every year you begin to plan your weight loss journey, me included. Some of you have 5, 10, even 20 pounds you'd like to loose. You begin your year with the intension of becoming a new person that will carry less weight than the year before. How you doing this year?

Ethnic Beauties Time to Get Your Juice On star
It’s no secret ethnic beauties that we are ready to shed the pounds, detox, cleanse and do all those things and more come January 2nd of every year. After all, we’re still celebrating January 1st. Start now, here are a few foods to consider ...

Ethnic Skin Care Naturally From The Inside Out star
Nine out of ten times when you think of ethnic skin care, you are looking at products you can put on your skin. But what about the internal aspect of beautiful skin. Learn about the foods and ways to prepare them that will give you beautiful skin from the inside out.

Feeding Every Part Of Your Body star
When you think of foods ethnic beauties, I hope you're considering foods that will keep your immune system strong, your skin soft and your energy level high. Here are a few suggestions

Feel Good Remedies, An Awesome Gift From Plants star
Feel good remedies, natures gift to you from plants. There are times ethnic beauties when you might experience a stomach ache, or you’re nursing a cold or the flu. Either way, there’s a feel good remedy from an ancestor that’s been recorded and used for centuries to take care of the challenge .

Food Is The Best Medicine For Optimum Health star
Have you ever thought that food is the best medicine for optimum health ethnic beauties? Let's face it, you've heard at least once in your life that you are what you eat.

Foods That Help You Stay Hydrated In the Sun star
Sunshine is one of the essential nutrients that ethnic skin needs to make Vitamin D. The sun causes you to sweat and lose your most preciaous resource. Read on to find out how to stay hydrated in the sun.

Fresh Juices For Ethnic Beauties star
You're no stranger to juicing, especially when it comes to health and wellness. Green drinks and smoothies have become a way of life for a lot of you.You're no stranger to juicing, especially when it comes to health and wellness. But What About Your Skin Care Needs?

Growing Herbs for Ethnic Beauty star
While we don’t all have acres and acres of land to grow our food and herbs, so a pot garden can serve the same purpose. Learn about herbs you can grow for the beauty of your ethnic body.

Healthy Living for Ethnic Beauty star
There’s a great debate over whether or not what you eat affects the beauty of your skin and hair. The foods you eat do affect your skin and hair, just not the way you think. Learn more ...

Herbal Delicious Smoothies star
If you're still working on your New Year's resolution's as Spring approaches, you'll love the idea of adding new smoothie recipes to your menu. Here are two for you to try.

Herbal Teas, What Are The Benefits? star
If coffee is no-longer your friend try an herbal tea blend. Would you want to have to make that choice? We'd love to hear your thoughts.

Herbs and Spices for Ethnic Beauties star
Herbs and Spices have been used by ethnic beauties for centuries. Not only are they used for cooking, you'll also find them used in skin care, hair care and to detox your body. Learn about herbs and spices used to cleanse and detox ...

Here’s To Your Health Ethnic Beauties star
Green drinks, smoothies and salads are options for jump starting your healthy eating habits. Here are a few things to Do and Not Do.

How Do You Get Awesome Beauty From Within? star
Awesome beauty from within, that's the goal. Ever wonder why you can't get rid of those zits and breakouts on your skin? Could it be that the foods you're eating aren't nourishing and nurturing your body?

How Eating Plant Based Can Help Overcome Diet Myth star
Plant-based eating. It's on the cover of every other magazine that you see on the newsstand, in the book store or in the grocery store. With every new diet trend or eating trend, there are myths. Eating plant-based is primarily cutting flesh/meat from your diet.

How Food Works for Beauty and Wellness star
Food for beauty and wellness. It’s amazing Ethnic Beauties, how what you eat, has a direct correlation on how you look and feel. Yes the foods you eat can enhance your beauty and your health.

How to Actually Eat Your Way to Beautiful Skin star
Eating your way to beautiful skin. Did you ever tie food and beauty together? Let's be a bit more clear. When I speak of food, I'm talking about real foods, whole foods and good clean water.

How to Actually Enjoy a Hot Cup of ... star
A hot cup of ... makes me feel all warm of cozy. Did you know that sipping on a hot cup of ... is one of the easiest and enjoyable things you can do. It's often referred to as an enjoyable self-care ritual.

How to Boost Your Health With Help from Nature star
Finding ways to boost your health is important ethnic beauties, especially as the seasons change. Mother Nature is always available to lend a helping hand.

How to Break the Sugar Habit for Better Health star
Sugar got you fien'n? I once had an herbalist tell me that a sugar addiction was worse than a heroin addiction. I can't speak on heroin, but sugar has become a big nemesis in my life. I love a sweet treat.

How to Eat in Season With Great Tasting Foods star
Eat in season. What does that mean? To eat in season is using the foods of your region to nourish, nurture and care for your body.

How To Eat Your Food star
What does how you eat your food have to do with your beauty as an Ethnic Beauty? Everything! When's the last time you gave a conscious effort to how you eat? Do you actually savor and enjoy your food? Here a few tips to consider ..

How to Eat Your Way to Health and Beauty, Awesome star
Health and beauty have been linked directly to your digestive tract. This can be scary ethnic beauties. Why? Because we often eat foods that we know will not sit so well on the stomach. What if you could have foods that taste good and are good for you.

How to Feed Your Face and Get Beautiful Results star
Feed your face, ha ha. You will not find everything that you need in a jar when it comes to getting beautiful skin.

How To Find Balance For Your Health star
Looking to find balance for your health Ethnic Beauties? I saw a quote "Do no harm to your body" just as I was about to begin my detox for the Spring Equinox. One of the reasons to detox, is to bring balance to our body.

How to Gain Beauty from The Inside Out star
Want to gain beauty from the inside out ethnic beauties? Did you know that foods will help with certain skin challenges? Yesss! When you eat for skin care, there are foods known to treat specific challenges.

How To Get Ethnic Beauty From The Inside Out star
When it comes to ethnic beauty, it’s important to start from the inside out. Eating a balanced and nutritious diet is essential to keeping your skin healthy and nourished while avoiding common issues.

How to Have Beauty From Inside Out Ethnic Beauty star
Is your goal as an Ethnic Beauty to have beautiful skin? Can a healthy lifestyle help you accomplish it? Indeed it can.

How to Have Better Health With the Foods You Eat star
We all want better health, especially these days. With COVID running ramped and your immune system being challenged, eating for better health is essential.

How to Make and Enjoy the Beauty of Herbal Tea star
Herbal tea. We've all had a cup or two of some herbal brew. Not that we liked it, we just took a swig because we were told it was good for us.

How to Reduce Anxiety by Eating Foods That Calm star
Did you know that some foods have a way of calming your mind and body? Want to know more?

How to Use Ginger to Better Your Health star
You've all heard about the power of ginger, especially during cold and flu season. Why do people swear-by its use, when there's a sign of a sniffle?

How to Use Herbs to Slim Down and Stay Healthy star
Most people have some plan for slimming down and shedding extra pounds on their list of New Year's resolutions. Did you know that herbs can help with that?

Is Fat Bad For Ethnic Skin Care ? star
When you think about fat, the first thing that comes to mind in the muffin top at your waist line or the extra chin that came out of nowhere. That's not the fat I'm referring to this time. It's the good fat, so let's go deeper and learn more.

It's a New Year Ethnic Beauties! star
It's a New Year Ethnic beauty! There's no time like the present to get your healthy on.

Leafy Greens, The New Food In Your Diet star
Why are leafy greens often considered as a new food into your diet? You'd be surprised at how many people don't eat or like vegetables. You might want to acquire a taste for them. Natural medicine? What do you think?

Nourish Your Body From the Inside Out star
We've all heard this before: You are what you eat! It's true. Here's a recipe that contains bread and veggies and it's good for you!

Nutrition and Ethnic Skin Care star
Both topically and internally, the focus on nutrition and Ethnic Skin Care is becoming a clear pathway to your skin's wellness. Got a minute? Read on to learn more ...

Plant Based Beauty star
Plant based beauty is your best route to great looking skin. While it's not necessary to become a vegan, it is important to eat a clean diet full of plant based ingredients.

Radiant Beauty from the Inside Out, Awesome! star
Radiant beauty from within, how do you get it? You've heard it a thousand times Ethnic Beauties, "Your skin is the largest organ of your body". So, how do you care for it so that the radiance you seek will manifest?

Salads, Ethnic Beauty and You star
Love the skin you're in by having great tasting salads that will nourish, replenish and give your skin a radiant glow. Take a look at some green foods and botanical oils that top the list for beautiful skin.

Super Foods for Ethnic Skin Care star
You've heard about them, you've eve read about them but do you have them in your kitchen? Super foods the new "buzz" words in nutrition. Let's take a look at what a super food is and how it can help you in caring for your beautiful bronzed complexion.

Supplements for Health and Beauty star
Lifestyle choices have caused many of us to need the aid and assistance of supplements just to make it through the day. A supplement to help you sleep. A supplement to provide more energy. A supplement to ... you get the point. There's more...

Taking a Healthy Eating Approach to Ethnic Beauty star
This past year proved challenging for a lot of you. Me included. Most people I talked to gained 10 to 15 pounds during the COVID lockdown. Were you eating out of stress or testing new recipes?

The Power of Vegetables for Toning and Slimming star
Yes ethnic beauties, you can use herbs and vegetables as part of your slimming program when you decide you've had enough and want to shed those extra pounds.

Time For A Spring Cleaning star
Yes, it's time for a spring cleaning, however, this won't be your typical spring cleaning. It's time to detox and clean your body. Have you ever wondered why you might be feeling tired and run down? Could it be your body calling for a flush or abstinence of certain foods? Keep reading ...

What Are the Benefits of a Healing Kitchen? star
Is your kitchen a healing kitchen? We’ve all heard the words ethnic beauties, "Your kitchen is your medicine cabinet. You can kill or heal from what is stored and prepared in your kitchen." Those are serious words.

What Does Too Much Sugar Do To Ethnic Skin? star
Often people get embattled over Halloween and similar holidays. One side argues that these days are just plain fun, while their counterparts yowl that they are ritualistic, pagan, and evil. So let us take a look; then you can be the judge.

What Happens When You Clean Your Pantry & Fridge? star
When you clean your pantry and fridge, a whole new world opens up to you and your health. What's lurking in your pantry and fridge?

What's Beauty Without Wellness? star
Beauty and wellness go hand in hand. What does your skin say about your eating habits? What two herbs/spices are considered powerful natural medicines? Read and enjoy.

Why Alkaline-Based Diets Can Help Ethnic Beauties star
As ethnic beauties, you have a responsibility to take care of your bodies inside and out. That's why alkaline-based diets can be so beneficial - they nourish your body from the inside out!

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