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I grew up in the church, and had exposure to Catholicism on my father´s side of the family...Baptist and Non-Denominational Christian churches on my mother´s side. Learning doctrine and memorizing Bible verses was quite routine.

As an adult, I was lucky enough to work in missions and outreach with a very learned pastor. Throughout the past thirty years, I have been a commissioned as a Minister to the Sick and a Stephen Minister. I have taken part in street missions, ran a food pantry and alms program, and counseled sexually abused women. I´ve cleaned churches, worked in nurseries, greeted people, visited shut-ins....the list goes on and on.

People who serve in ministry are not without trials and temptations. My life stagnated...not because God walked away, but because I stopped seeking His face. Coupled with health issues that were the result of medical malpractice, the last few years have been spiritually stark and dismal. I trusted God would get me through everything, but stopped walking in his light and joy.

We pass through seasons in our lives, including our spiritual lives. In my younger years, I was more missions focused and shied away from women´s ministries...ministries I callously labeled as "touchy-feely, hold hands and sing kumbaya" events. Now, I understand the need for Christian sisterhood adn support.

Early on, I stuck to a very fundamentalist outlook. I still believe there are cults that are loosely based on Christian doctrine, and I do not believe all paths lead to heaven. (The Bible does state the path is wide but the gate is narrow.) As I´ve explored other cultures, i´ve become more open to the understanding that we don´t know and understand everything as God necessarily intends it. With that being said, any reviews of books that may not be theologically in line with conservative fundamental beliefs will be reviewed for merit and will include a statement that the doctrine has been loosely interpreted.

My focusm however, is on educating, encouraging, and building each other up in Christ. I am driven to help others improve their lives by taking control of their health through God-given natural methods where possible. As an essential oil advocate, I truly believe the saying, ´there´s an oil for that."

You will see more of a shift toward book reviews that deal with family issues, prayer, Christian education, and health. I´ll also include some fiction and nonfiction. I encourage you to reach out to me to ask questions, and to offer suggestions on what types of book reviews are of interest.

Blessings in Christ!


How do I get a book to you to have reviewed?
---Please contact me through the contact page.

How long will it take to review my book?
--In most cases, book reviews will be completed within 12 weeks.

Do you review all books that are sent to you?
--No. I review books from a traditional Christian perspective. I also recognize the blood, sweat and tears that writers put into their creations. Depending upon the topic, I may choose to donate the book without reviewing it.

Do you sell any products to help live a cleaner, more natural life?
-Yes. I believe God gave us what we need to be able to heal. Sometimes allopathic medicine is necessary, but can also do more harm. In my own journey, I have discovered the following products and am a distributor for all 3.



Do you write for any other websites?
--Yes, I have started a website about my health issues and journey to wellness. It´s a work in progress, and in the future, I will invite you to join me on the journey. I have also started a new project developing a social studies curriculum. We are still working on the social media and will promote it once the website is under way.

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