Seasons and Special Occasions

This features seasonal subjects along with holiday and special occasions.

Gift Ideas star
Here are some gift ideas that would appeal to gardeners.

Quilting Books for Gardeners star
Gardeners who quilt will be thrilled with the new Love to Quilt series from American Quilter's Society. The series includes 24 booklets, many of which feature garden themes.

2008 Calendars and Almanacs for Gardeners star
Calendars and almanacs make great gardening gifts. Here are some that will be of interest.

2010 Almanacs and Garden Planners star
With the year drawing to a close, it's time to think about buying calendars and almanacs.

2011 Almanac and Calendar Reviews star
Llewellyn is a leading publisher of almanacs and calendars. Some of these will have special appeal for gardeners.

2011 Garden Calendar Reviews star
Before the holiday rush begins, buy your 2011 garden calendars now. Purchase some extras for holiday gifts.

2013 Garden Wrap-Up star
The garden is pretty much cleaned up, and the spring bulbs are plants. I'm almost ready for winter.

2014 Almanacs and Calendars for Gardeners star
Beat the holiday rush and shop early for those almanacs and calendars. These make great gifts for gardeners. Keep extras around for hostess gifts during the holiday season.

2023 Christmas Gift Ideas for Gardeners star
It is very easy to choose holiday gifts for gardeners. Here are some ideas for Christmas 2023.

A New Garden Season star
Certain colors are traditionally associated with each of the seasons. Fall has always been thought of as the harvest season,and the colors of autumn reflect that.

A New Garden Season Awaits star
As the garden season comes to an end, this is a good time to consider changes you want to make in the landscape and garden for next year.

A Review of the 2013 Gardening Season star
Now that the 2013 gardening season is behind us, I will remember it as one of the wettest on record for western North Carolina. All in all, things weren't ideal. Yet, I enjoyed months of reliable color and beauty.

A Spring Bulb Ensemble star
My hardy spring bulbs that I grew in pots near the front door did beautifully. They provided color for over a month this spring.

A Traditional Christmas Tree star
A real Christmas tree beats an artificial one hands down whether you buy a cut tree or a live tree to plant in the landscape after Christmas.

Additional Quilting Books Gardeners will Love star
The following quilt books are part of the American Quilter's Society's series, called Love to Quilt. Many of these feature quilts with garden-related themes that will appeal to gardeners.

Additional Woody Plants with Fall Color star
Shrubs and trees are excellent sources of colorful fall foliage. Here are some examples.

Adornments for Holiday Wreaths and Greenery star
Simplify your holiday decorating by purchasing ready made wreaths and garlands, and adding your own finishing touches.

Affordable Gardening Gifts star
Choose affordable gifts that enrich the gardener's life throughout the year.

Affordable Holiday Gifts for 2006 star
Withthe cost of so many things going up in 2006, it´s nice to know there are still affordable, tasteful holiday gifts. Here are some ideas for the holiday season.

All Hallow's Eve or Halloween star
Whatever you choose to call this holiday, it´s become a fun-filled time. A recent survey found that over 60% of people plan to celebrate. On the average, each consumer is expected to spend around $45.

All-Occasion Gifts for Gardeners star
For those special occasions throughout the year choose inspiring and practical garden gifts.

Arm Chair Travel for Gardeners star
My favorite time for travel is normally the spring and fall. During those periods, temperatures tend to be comfortable and lots of things are in bloom.

Baker Creek 2022 Heirloom Seed Catalog star
The Baker Creek heirloom seed 2022 catalog is available.

Banish the Late Winter Blahs star
The weeks of late winter seem to just drag on. This can be especially trying for gardeners. We´re eager to get started on those landscaping projects. Meanwhile, here are some tips on weathering the winter blahs.

Banish Winter Blahs star
The winter blahs aren´t inevitable. Gardeners can find a number of ways to cope.

Bat Face Cuphea star
In 2020, I grew a number of different kinds of cupheas. These included bat face cuphea.

Beauty of Christmas Greenery star
Displays of Christmas greenery are an integral part of the holiday season. These arrangements can be used indoors and out.

Best Seller Bedding Plants for 2020 star
A survey by USDA revealed the best selling annual bedding plants for 2020. These are petunias, geraniums, pansies, and begonias.

Black Pearl and Black Olive Ornamental Peppers star
Black Pearl and Black Olive are two outstanding award winning ornamental pepper varieties with dark foliage.

Bluestone Perennials star
The Bluestone Perennials 2022 catalog is available. It is my favorite catalog for perennials.

Books for Holiday Gifts star
Gardeners love to receive books on all kinds of garden-related topics. Here are reviews of some recommended titles.

Books for Holiday Giving star
For many people on your shopping list, the perfect gift may be a book on their favorite subject. When choosing a book, it is easy enough to find that special title of interest. And matching the book's price to your budjet isn't really a problem.

Books for Orchid Lovers star
Orchids have become very trendy plants in recent years. So here are some gift books that would be great holiday gifts for gardeners.

Breck's Fall 2021 catalog star
The fall 2021 Breck's catalog features many new bulb varieties. These include the following.

Broadleaf Evergreens for Holiday Decorations star
Add a natural touch to your holiday decorating scheme with fresh greenery. A number of broadleaf evergreen plants are suitable for holiday decorations.

Bulbs for Warm Climates star
Low chill or no chill bulbs are suited to warm climates where most spring flowering bulbs can't thrive. Examples include the paper whites and certain tulips.

Burnt Ridge Nursery Winter 2022 Catalog star
The Winter 2022 catalog of Burnt Ridge Nursery is available. It features many wonderful varieties.

Celebrate With Holiday Plants star
Nothing says Christmas like the pungent smell of pine resin. But quite a few flowering plants are also associated with the holidays. Depending on the species, these can be used indoors or outdoors for seasonal interest.

Celebrating Home Book Review star
Decorating shouldn´t be reserved for Christmas. Whatever the occasion, "Celebrating Home" is the essential guide to seasonal and holiday decorating.

Chase Away the Winter Blahs star
You don't have to put up with the winter blahs. Here are some things that can help chase them away.

Chinese and Black Hungarian Ornamental Peppers star
Chinese, Black Hungarian and Mohawk peppers are some highly recommended varieties for the home garden.

Chocolate in England and the U.S. star
The English were able to enjoy chocolate decades before it was manufactured in the U.S.

Chocolate in Europe star
Chocolate has been around in Europe for over 400 years. It first reached the Spanish.

Choosing a Christmas Tree star
When it comes to choosing a real Christmas trees, you'll find there are many kinds available. Some of these are available as live trees that you can plant in the landscape after the holiday.

Choosing Gift Plants star
Gift plants are suitable for most any occasion. They make especially good holiday gifts.

Christmas 2020 star
The winter holidays may look different this year, but there will still be observances of Christmas, Kwanza, and others.

Christmas Garden Book Reviews 2009 star
With holiday shopping in full swing, here are some recommended books for those gardeners on your holiday shopping list.

Christmas Greenery among Early Christians star
The early Christian church authorities sought to suppress the use of Christmas greenery but later lifted the ban.

Christmas Greenery History and Use star
Christmas greenery use in Europe pre-dates the arrival of Christianity.

Christmas Rose or Black Hellebore star
Christmas rose was a popular plant for the Christmas season.

Conifers star
Conifers can be relied on to bring four seasons of interest.

Czech Black and Rooster Spur Peppers star
Czech Black pepper and Rooster Spur pepper are two highly recommended heirloom pepper varieties. Aurora ornamental pepper is also an outstanding plant.

Daffodils for Forcing star
An amazing number of daffodils can be forced. Some of the recommended types include the following.

Daffodils in Ancient Times star
Daffodils symbolized self love and the underworld in ancient times.

Daffodils in Late European History star
The tulips appear to dominate garden history in Europe partly due to tulipmania. However, in fact the daffodils have played a rich role in European garden history.

Daffodils That Can Be Forced star
Various kinds of daffodils are good for forcing. Here are profiles for some recommended varieties.

Decorating for the Holidays star
There is any number of ways to decorate for the holidays using greenery and other plant material from the garden.

Decorating for the Holidays star
Holiday plants play a crucial role during Christmas. Gardeners can find many ways to use the plants as well as their images as part of their holiday decorating scheme.

Dogwoods with Fall Color star
Dogwoods can be a wonderful source o vivid fall color. Here are profiles of some recommended dogwoods.

Early Christmas Shopping star
The dog days of summer offer a good opportunity to start those garden craft projects you want to use for holiday gifts and shop for early gardening related gifts.

Early Christmas Tree History star
The use of Christmas trees is an ancient one. It dates back to ancient times

Fall 2021 McClure and Zimmerman Bulb Catalog star
The Fsll 2021 McClure and Zimmerman bulb catalog is available. It features many new bulb varieties.

Fall Color From Maples star
Many of the maples provide exquisite fall color. Here is a look at some of those species.

Fall Color from Oaks and Nut Trees star
The oaks and nut trees can bring beautiful fall color. Here are profiles for some species.

Fall Color From Ornamental Fruit Trees star
The ornamental fruit trees can provide colorful fall foliage and possibly showy fruits as well. Here are some recommended trees.

Fall Color from the Dogwoods star
Most dogwoods are known for their colorful fall foliage. The ripe berries can also add additional color.

Fall Color from Woody Plants star
Certain woody plants bring reliable fall color. Some of those are the following.

Fall Gardening Chores star
Fall is a busy time for the landscape. It´s one of the best times for planting in many areas.

Fall Gardening Report for 2009 star
As we enter a new gardening season, this is a good time to take stock and review the gardening year.

Fall in the Garden star
Fall is on its way and there is lots to do in the garden.

Fall is a New Season star
Spruce up the landscape for fall. A great place to start is with those container plantings.

Fall is the Best Time for Planting star
Though spring is the time we associate with planting our landscapes, fall is really the best of all. The plants get off to a better start than they do in the spring.

Fall Planting of Evergreens star
As fall approaches, it will bring cooler temperatures. This means it will be a great time for planting most evergreens. There are fewer heat-related stress problems on transplants during this time. They will need less watering than spring transplanted ones.

Father's Day Gifts star
So far as spending is concerned, Mother's Day and Father's Day are about equal. Most people will spend around $100 for gifts.

FEDCO 2022 Catalog star
My FEDCO seeds and supplies 2022 catalog has arrived. It features a number of new or returning varieties.

Flowering Plants for Christmas star
A number of flowering pot plants are available during the holiday seasons. They're mostly used for indoor displays unless hardy species are selected.

Flowering Plants of Christmas star
The holiday plants of Christmas serve to prepare us for this special time of the year. These include the poinsettia and Christmas cactus along with the ornamental peppers.

Flowers and Foliage for Fall star
Both fall foliage and late blooming flowers can bring a fresh look to the fall garden.

Flowers for Fall star
Something old or something new. Which do you prefer when it comes to fall-blooming plants? Some like the old reliables, the tried and the true ones. Among these would be the mums, pansies, ornamental cabbage and kale, and a few others.

Forcing Crocus star
Crocus blossoms are easy to force. These are the first sign of spring.

Forcing Hyacinths star
Hyacinths are a popular choice for forcing. The following hyacinths force well.

Frankincense Tree and its Use star
Frankincense is one of the plants that are honored at Christmas.

Garden Activities for Fall star
Fall is finally here, bringing a new season to the garden.

Garden Books for Your Holiday Shopping List star
This year simplify your holiday shopping by giving garden books as gifts. Here are some recommended titles.

Garden Catalog 2020 Roundup star
Here is a look at additional garden catalogs with special items of interest.

Garden Catalog Spring 2019--White Flower Farm star
Although White Flower Farm is probably best known for its perennials, the catalog offers so much more than that.

Garden Catalogs 2019--Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds star
Gardeners will be delighted with Baker Creek's free shipping for all orders in North America. The catalog features seeds, plants, bulbs, books, and gardening supplies.

Garden Catalogs 2019--Bluestone Perennials star
The Bluestone Perennials catalog lists so much more than just perennials for the company also sells trees and shrubs as well.

Garden Catalogs 2019--Burpee star
Burpees catalog is bound to please every gardener for there is something to suit every gardening interest.

Garden Catalogs star
The Chile Pepper catalog is a must have for gardeners who are serious about chiles and peppers.

Garden Catalogs 2019--Fedco Seeds and Supplies star
The Fedco seed catalog is truly one of my favorites. They also have a tree and plant catalog with the deadline placing orders from that catalog being March 1, 2019.

Garden Catalogs 2019--Fedco Trees star
Orders from the Fedco Trees catalog must be placed by March 1, 2019. In addition to trees, this offers so many other kinds of plants--both edibles and ornamentals.

Garden Catalogs 2019--Johnny's Selected Seeds star
Johnny's catalog is a must have for novice gardeners.

Garden Catalogs 2019--Park Seed star
Anyone who is serious about gardening will find the Park Seed catalog a must have. This big catalog with nearly 150 pages has something of interest to every gardener.

Garden Catalogs 2019--Stokes Seeds star
The Stokes Seed catalog 2019 is especially useful for novice gardeners because it features detailed instructions on growing plants from seed along with many fine varieties of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers of all sorts.

Garden Catalogs 2019--Territorial Seed star
Territorial Seed is a great source of seeds and plants as well as gardening supplies.

Garden Catalogs 2019--Tomato Growers Supply Co. star
The Tomato Growers Supply Co.'s 2019 catalog features so much more than just tomatoes. The company also sells seeds of other edible crops along with gardening supplies.

Garden Catalogs 2019--Twilley Seeds star
Twilley is a great source of seeds for both home gardeners and farmers. They sell treated and untreated seeds.

Garden Catalogs 2020 star
The garden catalogs have been arriving since December or so. Here are some highlights that I noticed in checking out the catalogs.

Garden Catalogs 2021--Fedco star
Fedco is celebrating its 43rd year in 2021. Their catalog is among my favorites.

Garden Catalogs 2021--Gurney's Seed and Nursery star
Gurney's Seed and Nursery catalog specializes in edible crops. In addition, it offers many kinds of ornamentals.

Garden Catalogs 2021--J.L. Hudson, Seedsman star
The J.L.Hudson 2021 seed catalog is unique because of the company's purpose and business ethics, which are unlike those of commercial seed companies.

Garden Catalogs 2021--Jung Seeds and Plants star
Gardeners will find about everything they need for the garden in the Jung Seeds and Plants 2021 catalog.

Garden Catalogs 2021--Kitchen Garden Seeds star
The John Scheepers Kitchen Garden Seeds catalog is the perfect choice for tose gardeners with edible gardens.

Garden Catalogs 2021--Richters star
The Richters Herb and Vegetable catalog is one of my favorites. They're a great source for herbs in particular.

Garden Catalogs 2021--Seeds n Such star
Gardeners will find all sorts of treasures in the 2021 Seeds n Such catalog.

Garden Catalogs 2021--Territorial Seed star
The Territorial Seed catalog is one of my favorites. It is really hard to beat.

Garden Catalogs 2021--White Flower Farm star
When it comes to ornamentals, it is hard to beat White Flower Farm. They have choices for every situation and season.

Garden Catalogs Winter 2018--Raintree Nursery star
The Raintree Nursery catalog is a must have for those wishing to grow fruit trees, berries, and other edibles.

Garden Catalogs--Logees Early Spring 2019 star
Logee's specializes in novel and exciting new plants in almost all categories. They have plants suitable for landscapes, patios, sunrooms, and indoors.

Garden Kits for Holiday Gifts 2009 star
For those gardeners on your shopping list, garden kits are a great gardening gift idea. There's one to suit every taste and interest.

Garden Quilt Books star
Any time of the year is great for starting those garden quilt projects. Here are some books that will inspire gardeners.

Garden Travel Books star
Though the dog days of summer aren´t a great time for gardening, this is a perfect opportunity to begin planning those fall garden tours. Here are some books that will help.

Garden Wrap-up for 2019 star
Fall is in sight, so this is a good time to review the 2019 gardening season.

Gardening Books Cure Winter Blahs star
The hours fly when I'm reading a gardening magazine or a good gardening book. These are perfect cures for the late winter blahs.

Gardening Catalogs 2019--Jungs star
Now that the gloom of January is upon us, gardening catalogs will come to rescue us from the winter doldrums. Here are some highlights from the 2019 Jungs catalog.

Gardening Gift Ideas for 2022 star
Practical garden gifts are the perfect choice for gardeners on your 2022 holiday list.

Gardening Gifts star
With weeks to go before Christmas, now is the time to begin shopping for those gardening gifts. Gardeners prefer useful items, such as the following.

Gardening Gifts for 2009 star
For the 2009 holiday season give gardeners practical holiday gifts they can use.

Gardening Gifts for 2012 star
Simplify your holiday shopping with these gift ideas for gardeners.

Gardening Gifts for Mother's Day 2008 star
Show your mom you care with very special gardening gifts.

Gardening Kits as Holiday Gifts star
When it comes to gift ideas for gardeners, gardening kits are always a great choice. There is one to fit every budget and interest.

Garlands and Wreaths History star
Garlands and wreaths have been around for thousands of years.

Geranium and Cheerfulness Daffodils star
Geranium and Cheerfulness daffodils are some very reliable heirloom varieties. These deserve a place in the garden.

Get Organized for Gardening star
The cooler weather of fall renews our spirits. Fall is a perfect time to get organized and accomplish those unfinished garden projects.

Getting Ready for Spring star
Weeks before the last frost of the spring, I´m eager to get things planted. Yet I don´t feel safe in refurbishing the whole landscape with new bedding plants and the like. The solution is to get all the windowboxes and container gardens ready to go.

Gift Basket Book Review star
With Mother´s day coming soon, this is an excellent time to begin setting aside gardening items for a gift basket for your mom. Now there´s a book that will help you create a perfect gift.

Gift Books for Bird Lovers star
Gardening and bird watching go together like peanut butter and jelly. So here are some bird books for those bird lovers on your holiday shopping list.

Gift Books for Gardeners star
There are all kinds of gifts that gardeners would love to receive. Here are reviews of some highly recommended books and publications.

Gift Ideas for Gardeners 2009 star
Give gardeners items that they can use throughout the year. Here are some ideas.

Gift Ideas for Mother's Day star
With Mother´s day being one of the most important holidays of the year, here are some gift ideas.

Gifts for Gardeners 2006 star
For 2006, it´s easier than ever to find suitable gifts for gardeners. Gardening kits like the one described below are ideal.

Gifts for Gardeners 2007 star
Shopping for gardening gifts is so easy. These folks like practical and inspirational items.

Gifts for Mother's Day star
Now´s the time to begin thinking about those gifts for Mother´s Day. In 2004, consumers spent around $100 with over a third of that going towards flowers and plants.

Gifts from the Garden 2009 star
Gifts from the garden are meaningful. They show you care.

Gilbert H. Wild and Son 2022 Catalog star
The Gilbert H. Wild and Son 2022 catalog is available.

Green Holidays Book Review star
There's a wonderful new green living holiday guide from Chronicle Books.

Green Tulips star
Green or part green tulips are so striking. Here are details on some recommended ones.

Growing Cacao or Chocolate Tree star
The cacao or chocolate tree is of tropical origin.

Growing Mistletoe and its Toxicity star
It is possible to plant mistletoe. This is regarded as a toxic plant.

Growing the Christmas Rose star
Christmas rose is also known as black hellebore, This perennial is hardy to zone three.

Gurney's 2022 Catalog star
Gurnwy's 2022 catalog has many new varieties and gardening items.

Hand Crafted Gifts for Gardeners star
If you want to give something different to those gardeners on your holiday shopping list, create one-of-a-kind gifts. Here are some craft books featuring projects with floral and gardening motifs.

Handcrafted Holiday Gifts star
Give the gift of gardening by creating handcrafted holiday gifts with garden themes for those on your shopping list.

Handmade Gifts star
When you´re seeking shelter from the heat and humidity of dog days, begin creating handmade holiday gifts for loved ones.

Handmade Gifts for Gardeners star
All sorts of garden craft techniques can be used to create unique holiday gifts for gardeners.

Hardy Fall Blooming Bulbs star
A number of hardy bulbs bloom in the fall. These include the following.

Hassle-Free Holiday Decorating star
The holiday season is hectic enough, so why not choose a simple and easy approach to holiday decorating?

High Mowing Organic Seeds 2022 Catalog star
The 2022 High Mowing Organic Seed catalog is available. It has many new varieties.

Highlights From Poinsettia History star
Here are some highlights from poinsettia history from the past two hundred years or so.

Hinkelhatz and Bolivian Rainbow Ornamental Peppers star
Hinkelhatz and Bolivian Rainbow ornamental peppers are two wonderful heirloom varieties. These are highly recommended.

History and Lore of Holly star
Holly has been endowed with a rich history over the years. particularly among the pagans and early Christians.

History and Use of Myrrh star
Frankincense and myrrh are rather inseparable in their history and use as a Christmas plant.

History of Christmas Tree in Europe and England star
The origins of the modern Christmas tree began during the 16th century.

History of Some Small/Minor Bulbs star
The history of the small/minor hardy bulbs receive much less attention than that of the tulips with their tulipomania.

History of the Cacao or Chocolate Tree star
Cacao was apparently used by the Mayans about two thousand years ago in Mexico and Central America.

History of the Yule Log star
The Yule log was likely a pagan custom adopted by the early Christians.

History of Tulips star
Most tulips are native to Asia. They are widely grown in the West.

Holiday Gift Books for Gardeners star
There are so many garden books that are suitable as holiday gifts. Here are just a few titles to consider for that gardener on your list.

Holiday Decorating Book Reviews star
For those needing ideas for holiday decorating this year, here are some wonderful books from Oxmoor House that will make it so easy.

Holiday Decorating for 2022 star
Holiday decorating is quick and easy when you use holiday plants.

Holiday Decorating for Gardeners 2009 star
There are many ways to decorate for the holidays. Nothing beats the beauty of plants and decorations made with plant materials.

Holiday Decorations Indoors and Outdoors star
Holidays are for our enjoyment. Decorate both indoors and out with all sorts of greenery and garden materials.

Holiday Gift Ideas for 2021 star
Readers are urged to shop early this year for holiday gifts in order to avoid disappointments due to supply chain issues.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Gardeners star
Gardeners like useful gifts they can use throughout the yeaer. Herea are some suggestions.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Gardeners star
Give gardeners gifts that they can enjoy throughout the year. This can include plants, gardening supplies, and books.

Holiday Gifts for Gardeners star
For many people, shopping for holiday gifts is a real chore. Luckily gardeners are very easy to please. There are many handmade and other items they would love to receive.

Holiday Gifts for Gardeners star
Gardeners love to receive practical holiday gifts they can use throughout the year. Here are a few ideas.

Holiday Gifts for Gardeners 2018 star
For most gardeners, practical gifts are by far the best choices.

Holiday Guide Book Review star
If you need ideas for holiday decorating, holiday gifts or yummy holiday recipes, "Gooseberry Patch Christmas 10th anniversary has the answer. This hoiday guide was released by Leisure Arts.

Holiday Plants star
Celebrate the holidays in style. Christmas decorations are an important part of that. One quick and easy way to decorat is with holiday plants.

Holiday Plants star
Holiday decorating is easy when you use live plants. There are so many types that add color during the holiday season.

Holiday Plants and Their Stories star
During the winter months the landscape is transformed with the use of holiday plants. Here are the stories behind their use.

Holiday Time and Holiday Cheer Ornamental Peppers star
Holiday Time and Holiday Cheer ornamental peppers are two varieties that were named All America Selections winners years ago while Numex Easter is a newer addition to the lineup.

Holly Among the Ancients and Early Christians star
The idea that holly has special powers is an ancient one. It has been considered sacred since ancient times.

Holly and Ivy star
There is a rich folk lore concerning the safe use and disposal of ivy and its rivalry with ivy.

Holly in Britain star
English holly plays an important role in Christmas decorations in Britain.

Ideas for Christmas 2019 star
Amaryllis and other plants associated with the holiday can serve as holiday décor and gifts for gardeners.

Indiana Berry and Plant Guide for 2022 star
The Indiana Berry and Plant Guide for 2022 is now available. It features a number of new berry varieties.

Ivy and Its Historical Use star
Ivy has long served as a decoration for many kinds of celebrations.

J. L. Hudson 2022 Seed Catalog star
The J. L. Hudson seed catalog has always been one of my favorites.

Jackson and Perkins 2022 Catalog star
The 2022 Jackson and Perkins catalog is available. It offers new roses as well as other types of plants.

Johnny's Seed 2022 Catalog star
The Johnny's 2022 Seed catalog is available. This is an employee owned company.

Jump Into Fall star
Nothing ever stays the same,and that´s a good thing. By the time we´re weary of the summer heat and humidity, fall is just around the corner.

Landscaping for Winter Interest star
With proper planning, our landscapes can provide four seasons of interest. Here are a few tips on planning winter gardens.

Landscaping Related Gifts for Mother's Day star
Shopping for Mother´s Day has never been easier. When your mom is a gardener, there are so many suitable gifts.

Late Blooming Flowers star
Late blooming plants can add beauty to the gardens after the first frost has arrived.

Late Blooming Shrubs and Vines star
Some shrubs and vines can bloom into the fall. Some recommended ones are the following.

Late Summer Garden-Related Activities star
The dog days of late summer are a trying time for gardeners. Hot, muggy weather makes it hard to keep up on garden chores. So, wait until fall for those big projects. Meanwhile, here are some garden-related activities you can do indoors.

Living Christmas Trees star
If you´re tired of cut Christmas trees and can´t bear the sight of artificial ones, try a living Christmas tree.

Looking Ahead to 2020 Gardening Season star
Autumn is a good time to look ahead to the new gardening season 2020.

Looking Ahead to the 2018 Gardening Season star
As the 2017 gardening season draws to a close, this is a great time to look at the new year ahead.

Looking Ahead to the 2019 Gardening Season star
Before the frenzy of the winter holidays begin, now would be a good time to begin planning for the 2019 gardening season.

Masquerade and Candlelight Ornamental Peppers star
Masqquerade and Candlelight ornamental peppers and Cayenneta hybrid pepper are highly recommended varieties for the home landscape.

Medusa and Lemon Drop Ornamental Pepper star
Medusa and Lemon Drop ornamental peppers are outstanding varieties. Medusa is suitable for growing indoors.

Minor Bulbs for Forcing star
Many kinds of minor bulbs are suitable for forcing. These include the following.

Mistletoe As a Sacred Plant star
Mistletoe has long been revered as a sacred plant.

Mistletoe Species and Host Plants star
There are numerous species of mistletoe around the world. These have many host plants.

Mistletoe's Ties to Peace and Romance star
Mistletoe has long been a symbol of peace and romance.

More Daffodil Varieties for Forcing star
Some daffodils are easy to force. The following varieties are highly recommended.

More Late Blooming Shrubs and Vines star
Quite a few flowers continue blooming into late fall. These include the following.

More Rose Family Plants with Fall Color star
Quite a few of the rose family members are sources of good fall color. These include the following species.

Mother's Day Gifts for 2010 star
When moms are gardeners it is so easy to choose appropriate gifts for Mother's Day.

Mother's Day Gifts for 2013 star
When your mother is a gardener she loves to receive time and labor saving gardening items.

New Poinsettias for 2021 star
Christmas is incomplete without poinsettias. Here is a look at some of the new poinsettia varieties for 2021.

New Poinsettias for Christmas 2023 star
Gardeners will find lots of new poinsettias are available for Christmas 2023.

Norfolk Island Pine as a Christmas Tree star
The Norfolk Island pine is a living Christmas tree that can be grown as a house plant in cold climates. In warm regions, this is a suitable landscape plant.

Numerous Kinds of Wassail star
Wassail has evolved over the years with many kinds of ingredients being added.

Oh! Christmas Tree star
For most people the holiday season really begins when they buy their Christmas tree whether it is a cut or a live tree to be planted later in the landscape.

Onyx Red and Chilly Chili Peppers star
Onyx Red, Chilly Chili, and Black Hawk are three wonderful varieties of ornamental peppers.

Outstanding Heirloom Daffodils star
Quite a few heirloom daffodils are available. These include Yellow Cheerfulness and Flower Record daffodils.

Outstanding Ornamental Peppers star
Some outstanding varieties of ornamental peppers are available. These include Cayenne Purple as well as the ones in the Explosive series.

Park Seed falll 2021 Catalog star
The fall 2021 Park Seed catalog features a number of new vegetables , flowers, herbs, and ornamentals.

Pheasant's Eye and the Poet's Dafffodils star
The pheasant's eye daffodil and the poet's daffodil are heirlooms with similar looking blossoms.

Pinetree Seed 2022 catalog star
The Pinetree 2022 seed catalog is now available. It features many new varieties.

Planning for Spring 2014 star
Banish those winter blahs by planning for the new gardening season.

Planning the 2024 Garden star
Fall is the perfect time for garden planning. This allows you to plan changes for next year's garden.

Plants for Biblical Gardens star
A large number of plant species are suitable for Biblical gardens. Here are some suggestions.

Poinsettia and Numex Twilight Ornamental Peppers star
Poinsettia and Numex Twilight ornamental peppers are two gorgeous varieties for the landscape.

Poinsettias-the Ultimate Holiday Plant star
Poinsettias bring everything one could want in a Christmas plant.

Popular Christmas Trees in the East star
The following are some of the popular real Christmas trees in the East.

Power and Rituals of the Yule Log star
The Yule log has long been a tradition in the West. Various beliefs and rituals surround the custom.

Raising Buckwheat for Animal Feed star
Buckwheat is a worthwhile crop for home gardeners and homesteaders to grow when enough land is available. This is often used as an animal feed.

Red Flowered Heirloom Tulips star
Gardeners can choose from many kinds of heirloom tulips. Here are profiles for some red flowered ones.

Review of 2023 Baer's Almanac star
The new Baer's almanac is now available. The almanac has been around for nearly two centuries.

Richters 2022 Catalog star
Richters 2022 herb and vegetable catalog is now available. It features many new varieties.

Rose family Brings Fall Color and Berries star
Many plants in the rose family have spectacular fall color. Some have colorful fruits and berries as well.

Rosemary as a Christmas Plant star
Of all the plants associated with Christmas, the rosemary is by far my favorite.

Routine Plant Care for Summer star
With summer in full swing, it is important to budget enough time for routine care throughout the season.

Seasonal Decorations with Holiday Plants star
Christmas is a wonderful time to be a gardener because so many plants are associated with this holiday.

Seeds 'n Such 2022 Catalog star
The 2022 Seeds 'n Such catalog is now available.

Shrubs with Fall Color star
Trees aren't the only plants with colorful fall foliage. Here are some shrubs that bring lovely fall colored leaves.

Signs of Spring star
Gardeners are ready for spring after a long hard winter.

Small/Minor Heirloom Bulbs star
Many kinds of small or minor hardy bulbs have been grown for hundreds of years. These include favorites, such as the English bluebell and the crown imperial.

Some Craft Books for Gardeners star
Winter is a trying time for gardeners. Use this opportunity to start those garden-related craft projects. Here are some excellent books.

Some Craft Books with Gardening Projects star
Nothing says you care as much as a handmade gift. When someone on your holiday shopping list is a gardener, handmade craft items with garden themes make very good gifts. Here are a few books to get you going.

Some Delightful Ornamental Pepper Varieties star
Cappa Top Fruit ornamental pepper, Cheyenne pepper, and Little Elf ornamental peppers are only some of the many varieties that are available to home gardeners.

Some Excellent Garden Gift Books star
With the holidays being such a stressful time, simply your gift shopping by giving books. Gardening books make great gifts.

Some Fall Blooming Bulbs star
A number of bulbs bloom in the fall. These include the following.

Some Flowers for Cottage Gardens star
Many kinds of flowers are suitable for cottage gardens. These include the following.

Some Foolproof Landscape Gifts star
If you´re looking for some affordable items to use as last minute gifts, here are some foolproof landscape and garden-related ideas.

Some Gardening Books for Holiday Gifts star
Whether you need stocking stuffers or hostess gifts during the holidays for gardeners on your shopping list, books are an excellent choice. Here are some gift books for holiday giving.

Some Gift Books for Gardeners star
For those gardeners on your holiday shopping list, consider books on gardening and related subjects. Here are some recommended titles.

Some Gift Books for Gardeners star
With the holiday season approaching quickly, here are some gift books that are ideal for gardeners.

Some Gifts for Gardeners star
For the most part, gardeners prefer practical holiday gifts. Here are some affordable gifts that won´t break your budget.

Some Gifts for Gardeners star
Gardeners like to receive practical and inspiring gifts for the holidays. Here are reviews of some books that are sure to please.

Some Heirloom Parrot Tulips star
The parrot tulips are generally quite spectacular as the name implies. These tulips began to appear around 1620 or so.

Some Highly Recommended Ornamental Peppers star
Of the many kinds of ornamental pepper varieties that are available, the following are highly recommended.

Some Holiday Gifts for Gardeners star
Give heartfelt gifts those gardeners will appreciate. There are suitable ideas whethery they garden indoors or out.

Some Lovely Green Tulips star
Green tulips just intrigue me. They are just so striking. Here are details on some green one.

Some Needled Evergreens for Holiday Greenery star
The narrow leaved evergreen boughs are a mainstay when it comes to holiday decorating. It doesn't feel like Christmas without a wreath made from these materials.

Some Pastel Heirloom Tulips star
When it comes to white or pastel colored tulips, there are many varieties in this color range. Some of those are heirloom tulips.

Some Quilt Books for Gardeners star
Garden quilts are eye candy. They bring the beauty of gardens indoors for gardeners to enjoy throughout the year. Here are some inspiring books with garden quilt projects.

Some Rose Colored Heirloom Tulips star
Tulips come in about every color in the rainbow. Here are profiles of some heirloom varieties with rose colored blooms.

Some White/Mostly White Daffodils star
A number of pure white or mostly white daffodils are readily available. These include the lovely White Lion daffodil.

Some Wonderful Ornamental Pepper Varieties star
Fish and Numex Twilight ornamental peppers are two wonderful varieties that will delight home gardeners.

Some Woody Plants with Fall Color star
The woody plants are great sources of lovely fall color. Here are some recommended plants.

Special Books for Garden Gifts star
If you´re looking for a really outstanding holiday gift for that special gardener on your shopping list, here are some suitable books for garden gifts.

Spring Gardening star
Spring is a time of renewal. Before the last frost, we can plant cool season spring-flowering annuals to provide color in the landscape.

Strictly Medicinal 2022 Catalog star
The 2022 Strtictly Medicinal catalog is available.

Suitable Daffodils for Forcing star
Certain kinds of daffodils are most suitable for forcing. Here are details on some of those.

Sure Cures for the Winter Blahs star
The cloudy, dismal, late winter days seem unusually cold. Seemingly lasting for weeks, they bring on the winter blahs.

Sweet Pickle Pepper and Pumpkin Pepper star
Sweet Pickle pepper and the pumpkin pepper are beautiful plants for the landscape.

Tabletop Christmas Trees star
Tabletop Christmas trees are an ideal option for households with limited space.

Territorial Seed 2022 Catalog star
The Territorial Seed 2022 catalog is now available.

The Best Season star
Fall really can be the best season in the landscape. I prefer it to spring because during the spring there is always such a rush to get everything done. And the vibrant colors of autumn are certainly as enjoyable as the early show of spring flowers.

The Botany and Names of Holly star
Holly is often used for Christmas decorations. This plant is known by many common names.

The Cacao or Chocolate Tree star
The cacao or chocolate tree originated in South and Central America.

The Christmas Rose star
Long associated with Christmas, the Christmas rose isn't really a rose after all. Various folk legends describe its role at Christmas.

The Christmas Tree in America star
The Christmas tree was first used in the early 1800s in America by German settlers.

The Evergreens of Christmas star
The evergreens play a crucial role in the winter decorations. Common items include the Christmas tree, winter wreaths, garlands, and roping

The Herbs and Spices of Christmas star
A large number of plants are associated with the holiday season, including some herbs and spices.

The Lodgepole Pine and other Kinds of Christmas Trees star
From the lodgepole pine to the white pine, our landscapes offer all sorts of plants that can be used as Christmas trees.

The Modern Christmas Tree History star
The modern Christmas tree originated in Germany around four hundred years ago.

The Ornamental Peppers star
When passing through the floral department of the supermarket, I am inevitably attracted to the lovely ornamental pepper plants.

The Parade Tulips star
The Parade tulips are gorgeous tulips that return year after year. Two varieties are available.

The Pride Tulips star
If I could only grow one kind of tulip, it would definitely be one of the Pride tulips. These have the most exquisite blossoms. These come in a wide range of beautiful colors.

The Story of Fall Foliage star
The foliage of trees and shrubs begin to change color during the fall from their mostly greens to a range of colors from oranges and reds to golds.

The Use of Mistletoe star
Mistletoe is a common decoration during the Christmas season.

The Versatile Pumpkin star
Fall wouldn´t be complete without pumpkins. These are one versatile vegetable.

Tiny Samoa and Pretty Purple Ornamental Peppers star
Tiny Samoa and Pretty Purple ornamental peppers are two very beautiful varieties for the landscape.

Trifetta and Tricolore Garden Ornamental Peppers star
Trifetta, Purple Flash, and Tricolore Garda are all wonderful ornamental peppers for the home garden.

Tulips for Forcing star
Some of the main bulbs for forcing include tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths. This article focuses of various kinds of tulips that can be forced.

Tulips in Europe star
The first tulips arrived in Europe in the 1550s and swept in a new era of gardening history called tulipomania.

Tulips in Turkey and America star
The modern history of tulips began in Turkey where they were widely cultivated. In the 1600s they were introduced to America.

Twp Toned Heirloom Tulips star
Many kinds of heirloom tulips are available. A number of these have two-toned blossoms. Here are profiles for some of those.

Valentine's Gift for Gardeners star
Despite the economic downtown, there are many affordable Valentine´s gifts for gardeners.

Valentine's Gifts 2012 star
Cut flowers and pot plants are by far the most appropriate Valentine's gifts.

Wassail and its History star
One of the customs in the Christmas season is drinking wassail. This has a long and rich history.

Wayside Gardens 2022 Catalog star
The Wayside Gardens spring 2022 catalog is available.

Weathering the Dog Days of Summer-Part I star
The dog days of summer seem to have arrived early this year. Short of moving to Alaska or other cooler areas, what can we do to keep our sanity? This is Part I of a two-part series.

Weathering the Dog Days of Summer-Part II star
This is the final article of a two-part series on weathering the dog days of summer.

Western Christmas Trees star
The types of Christmas sold in western states are different than those found in the East.

White Flower Farm 2021 catalog star
The fall 2021 White Flower farm features many new plant and bulb varieties. These includee the following.

Woody Plants with Fall Color star
Both trees and shrubs can bring sensational color in the fall. Here are some recommended species.

Yatsafusa and Super Chile Peppers star
Yatsafusa and Super Chile peppers are two outstanding pepper varieties with great ornamental value.

Yellow and Orange Flowered Heirloom Tulips star
Gardeners can choose from hundreds of tulip varieties. There are a number of excellent heirloom tulips with yellow and orange blossoms.

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