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Landscaping Information Flowering Trees star[offsite link]
Information for homeowners regarding the selection, planting and care of flowering trees for the yard.

Pink and Red Flowered Drift Roses star
Drift roses come in a wide range of colors, including pink and red.

The New Fedco Tree Catalog star
The 2022 Fedco tree catalog is now available.

Additional Easy Care Shrubs star
Some shrubs are easier to grow. These easy care choices include the following.

Additional Plants of Winter Interest star
Gardeners can add winter interest to the landscape with paperbark maple and other plants.

Additional Woody Plants With Scented Blooms star
Some trees and shrubs feature fragrant blossoms. These include the fragrant snowball and others.

Alders for the Landscape star
The alders aren't as common as some landscape plants. These deserve consideration.

America and Above All Climbing Roses star
America and Above All climbing roses have earned a much coveted place of honor in home landscapes.

Amur Maple star
Everyone welcomes the warm tones of the autumn foliage. However, some plants with gorgeous fall color are nondescript the rest of the year. Happily, that isn´t so for the Amur maple.

Angel Face and Campfire Roses star
Angel Face and Campfire roses are two outstanding rose varieties. These are ideal for home landscapes.

Archduke Charles Rose star
Old garden roses remain popular despite all the new varieties introduced each year. Archduke Charles rose is an example.

Arctic Blue and Blue Girl Roses star
Arctic Blue and Blue Girl roses are two novelty rose varieties that are noted for their unusual flower colors.

Award Winning Plants for 2006 star
Each year, the best trees, shrubs, and woody vines are singled out for special honors. Here are details on some of these 2006 winners.

Beliefs About Bay or Laurel star
Over the years many properties have been attributed to bay.

Camellias star
Camellias are one of my favorite flowers. When I first moved to North Carolina, I couldn´t get over the fact that they frequently bloom during the cold months.

Choosing Shrubs star
Shrubs are amaong the most useful and colorful group of landscape plants. Choosing shrubs isn´t always easy.

Choosing Trees star
Of all the plants in the landscape, trees are the most endearing.

Choosing Trees for the Home Landscape star
Of all the plants in the landscape, trees are the most enduring. Select ones that are well adapted and a proper size for the landscape.

Classic Old Garden Roses star
Gardeners will find many varieties of old garden roses are available, These include Souvenir de la Malmaison rose and Marie van Houtte rose.

Disease Resistant Crab Apples star
Gardeners can't go wrong with disease resistant crab apples. These are care free plants.

Double Delight and Ebb Tide Roses star
Double Delight rose and Ebb Tide rose are two very special rose varieties. These are perfect for home gardens.

Easy Care Crabs star
When looking for easy care trees, keep the disease resistant crabs in mind. These plants require a minimum of attention.

Easy Care Shrubs star
Easy care shrubs are a busy gardener's best friends. These require less water, fertilizer, and attention.

Easy to Grow Trees star
Some trees are easy to grow. These require a minimum of care and few problems.

Fedco star[offsite link]
Fedco offers untreated seeds and organic plants and roots as well as organic gardening supplies. Among their offerings are trees as well as bulbs and tubers.

Fragrant Cloud and Happy Trails Roses star
Fragrant Cloud and the Happy Trails series of roses are outstanding varieties of roses. These are highly recommended for landscapes.

Frida Kahlo and Julia Child Roses star
Roses are often named for celebrities and other famous people. Examples include the Frida Kahlo floribunda rose and the Julia Child floribunda rose.

Garden Catalogs 2021--Edmund's Roses star
It's that wondrous time of year when the garden and seed catalogs arrive. I'll present highlights from some of those. Edmund's Rose catalog will be featured this week.

Ginkgo star
The brilliant yellow fall foliage of the ginkgo or maidenhair tree is reason enough to love this handsome shade tree. It is a living relic.

Ground Cover Roses star
Certain rose varieties make good ground covers. Ground cover roses are versatile plants.

Growing Oaks star
The oaks are generally free of most pests and disease problems. There are many kinds from which gardeners can choose.

Growing Osage Orange star
The osage orange is a picturesque easy to grow native tree.

Growing Palms in Cold Climates star
Whether they're growing in containers or planted in the ground, palms make a bold statement in the landscape. A number are reasonably hardy to zone seven.

Growing the London Plane Tree star
The London plane tree is an adaptable, tough, sturdy plant that is easy to grow.

Heirloom Climbing Roses star
Old garden roses possess a unique charm. That is especially true for old climbing roses, such as Perle de Jardines.

History of Bay or Laurel star
Bay was a sacred plant among the ancients.

Introduction to Osage Orange Tree star
The osage orange is a native tree that is best suited to zones four through eight.

Introduction to the Beautyberries star
The very fruitful beautyberries are best known for the luminous purp0le to amethyst berries. The genus name refers to the beautiful fruits.

Joseph's Coat and the Robin Hood Climbing Roses star
Joseph's coat rose and Robin Hood rose are two outstanding climbing roses.

Lady of Shalott Rose star
The Lady of Shalott rose is an award winning David Austin hybrid rose. It is highly recommended for zones five through nine.

Mister Lincoln and the Peace Rose star
The Mister Lincoln hybrid tea rose and the Peace hybrid tea rose are very special rose varieties.

More Disease Resistant Crabs star
There are many disease resistant crabs from which gardeners can choose. The following are particularly outstanding.

More Easy to Grow Shrubs star
Busy gardeners can choose from a number of easy to grow shrubs. These include the following.

More Easy to Grow Trees star
Some trees are relatively easy to grow. These species are especially suitable for novice gardeners. They're generally easy to transplant and are undemanding.

More Plants for Winter Interest star
Quite a few trees and shrubs can provide winter interest to the landscape. Those with ppicturesque shapes or colorful, exfoliating bark are examples.

More Trees for Wet Soils star
Certain kinds of trees are adapted to wet soils. Gardeners can select from the following for their damp sites.

More Woody Plants with Scented Blooms star
Quite a few trees and shrubs feature fragrant blossoms. Gardeners can choose from the following species.

Native Shrubs for Wet Soils star
Certain native shrubs do well in damp gardens. These include inkberry and red chokecherry.

New World Mulberry History star
There were numerous attempts to produce silkworms and mulberries in the New World. This happened in both the Spanish and English controlled areas.

Old World Mulberry History star
Mulberries were grown during ancient times, especially in Asia. The ancient Greeks as well as the Romans cultivated the plants.

Olive History in the New World star
Olive trees are comparatively new to the New World in sharp contrast to that in the Old World..

Olive Tree in the Middle Ages star
The olive tree played a role in human history under the eastern Roman Empire and among Christians

Olive Use in Ancient Rome star
Olive oil and olives were staples in the diet of the ancient Romans.

Olive Uses in Ancient Greece star
Both olive oil and olives played important roles in the lives of the ancient Greeks.

Origins of the London Plane Tree star
The remarkable London plane tree has been around for three hundred years or so. It is a great addition to the landscape.

Party Hardy and Neil Diamond Roses star
Party Hardy and Neil Diamond Roses are two outstanding modern roses for landscapes.

Pearly Gates and Top Gun Roses star
Gardeners can choose from hundreds of rose varieties. Pearly Gates and Top Guns are touch reliable plants that stand out from the crowd.

Pink Flowered Old Garden Roses star
A number of old garden roses bear lovely pink blossoms. These include Hermosa rose and Honorine de Brabant rose.

Plants for the Winter Garden star
Some garden plants can add interest to the landscape in the winter months. The birches with colorful bar is one example.

Plants for Winter Interest star
Certain garden plants are at their best during the winter months. These include ones with interesting fruits, exfoliating bark, and the like.

Puzzling Questions about the Osage Orange Tree star
Several puzzling questions come to mind about the osage orange tree.

Reverence for Trees star
Reverence for trees has long been a part of human history. The ancients revered trees and planted sacred groves.

Rio Sambra and Henry Fonda roses star
Rio Sambra and Henry Fonda roses are two highly recommended rose varieties for the home landscape.

Role of the Ancient Groves star
The ancient Greeks planted sacred groves, which included olive trees. The groves filled various roles.

Shrubby and Tree-like Plants for Warm Climates star
Gardeners in warmer areas can choose from a number of shrubby and tree-like plants, such as rosemary.

Small Trees for the Small Landscape star
When choosing trees for small landscapes, here are some things to consider.

Snowberries and Coralberries star
At first glance, you might think the ghostly white snowberries and the coralberries have nothing in common. In fact, these are related species. They´re in the same group known as Symphoricapos. These versatile shrubs can be used in various ways throughout the landscape.

Some Beautiful Disease Resistant Crabs star
The crabs are among the loveliest of the flowering trees. Here are some disease resistant crabs that are perfect for landscapes.

Some Disease Resistant Crabs star
When choosing a flowering crab, it is a good idea to keep disease resistance in mind. The following disease resistant crabs are highly recommended.

Some Hawthorns for the Landscape star
Hawthorns are lovely flowering trees. Blooming in the spring, these are great additions to the landscape.

Some Knock Out Roses star
This article features the original Knock Out rose as well as the newest one.

Some Pastel Flowered Drift Roses star
A number of the Drift ground cover rose varieties feature pastel blossoms. These include White Drift and Icy Drift roses.

Some Pastel Flowered Knock Out Roses star
A number of the Knock Out roses feature pastel colored blossoms. These include Blushing Knock Out Rose.

Some Pink and Red Flowered Knock Out Roses star
Several pink and red flowered Knock Out roses are available. These include Double Red Knock and Double Pink Knock Out rooses.

Some Recommended Beautyberry Species star
Less than ten or so species of beautyberries are in cultivation. The following are recommended for American gardens.

Some Serviceberries for the Landscape star
The serviceberries are outstanding trees for the landscape. They're spectacular in the spring when they're in full bloom.

Some Wonderful Flowering Crabs star
When choosing flowering trees, it is hard to beat the flowering crabs. Herre are some recommended disease resistant crab apples for the landscape.

Spring Meadow Nursery star[offsite link]
This is a wholesale site, but the plants are available at local nurseries and garden centers under the Proven Winner brand. At this site you can see the many new varieties of flowering shrubs. The site includes pages for home gardeners.

Stars Among Old Garden Roses star
Old garden roses possess unique beauty. Here are some outstanding old garden roses.

The American Beautyberry star
The American beautyberry is a native shrub found over much of the South. This is quite suitable for warm climates, such as Florida and Hawaii.

The Bayberry star
Though they aren't hardy in all areas of the U.S., the bayberries are a wonderful group of evergreens for the landscape.

The Eastern Redbud star
All of the redbuds are excellent small trees for the landscape. Eastern redbud is the most popular.

The Honey Locust star
The native honey locust is an excellent tree for small yards.

The Kousa Dogwood star
The dazzling Kousa dogwood provides beauty in every season. This is especially true during the winter months when we need it the most. For landscape use, it is hard to find a woody plant that is more attractive than the Kousa.

The Olive Tree in Ancient Egypt star
Olive trees were grown from ancient Egypt to Crete. The Egyptian goddess Isis was credited with bringing knowledge of the plant to Egypt.

The Olive Tree in Biblical History star
Olive trees played a role in people's lives in the Holy Land during Biblical times.

The Osage Orange Tree star
This attractive tree features thorny branches and zig zag branchlets along with beautiful yellow fall color.

The Symbolism of Myrtle star
For ancient people, myrtle was a very symbolic plant.

The Versatile Fuchsias star
For landscapes during the spring and fall months, the fuchsia is unmatched. This Victorial favorite came into cultivation in Europe in the late 1700´s.

The Versatile Myrtle star
Myrtle is so much more than just a beautiful ornamental. This plant has many uses.

Tree of Heaven star
Tree of heaven is a short lived, weak wooded, invasive tree that adapts well to urban areas.

Tripple Brook Farm star[offsite link]
This site offers 450 plant varieties, including many fine under-used natives and cold hardy exotics. Many of these are suitable for edible landscapes and bird gardens.

Tropicana and Blaze Improved Roses star
Tropicana and Blaze Improved roses are two reliable, easy to grow roses for the home landscape.

Winter Blooming Heaths star
Winter gardens need not be boring. By choosing carefully, we can often find plants that bloom during the colder months. That is the case with the winter-blooming heaths. Among these are Cornish heath and winter heath.

Woody Plants for the Cottage Garden star
Quite a few kinds of woody plants are well suited to cottage gardens. Here are some suggestions.

Woody Plants for Wet Soils star
So many woody plants require well drained soils. Here are some choices for wet spots in the garden.

Woody Plants with Fragrant Flowers star
Quite a few of the woody plants bear scented blossoms. Gardeners can choose from the following.

Yellow and Apricot Drift Roses star
The Drift ground cover come in many flower colors. Here are details on the yellow and apricot ones.

Zephirine Drouhin Climbing Rose star
Climbing roses are very popular landscape plants. Zephirine Drouhin climbing rose is an outstanding heirloom variety.

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